Nutrition Pantry Program

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Make the Healthy Choice, the Easy Choice: Join the NH Nutrition Pantry Program Movement

New Hampshire food pantries can receive free support to improve operations, with a focus on health and nutrition.

UNH Cooperative Extension, partnering with NH Food Bank, is excited to offer Leah’s Pantry Nutrition Pantry Program (NPP). Through this program, trained implementer staff support NH-based food pantries and their clients with an integrative approach to nourish all, regardless of socioeconomic status.

NPP provides a process for implementing practical, client-centered, trauma-informed strategies for a health-focused environment in all types of food distribution. The program offers six key areas of focus with support from resources, trainings and connection. NPP is for pantries of all types and sizes. Plans are tailored to fit your pantry, and there is no cost to participate!

How does NPP work?
  1. The process begins with the planning stage where NPP implementers partner with local food pantry staff to collect information about the participating pantry including feedback from staff, volunteers and clients.
  2. A unique work plan is developed for the pantry site that includes ideas on ways to improve operations within the six key areas: Cultural and Dietary Accommodations, Community Connections, Inventory and Purchasing, Nutrition Goals and Pantry Plans, Nutrition Education and Environment.
  3. This is followed by the implementation stage where specific changes to the pantry begins with support from trained staff.
  4. Pantries completing a work plan can obtain a bronze, silver or gold level of certification based on the improvements in each focus area.

Certification provides recognition within the network, highlights a pantry’s accomplishments, and provides leadership opportunities.

UNH Extension Implementation Team

The following UNH Extension - Nutrition Connections staff have successfully completed the NPP Implementer Training and are ready to meet the needs of NH pantry sites:

How do I Join?

Please complete the NPP Participation Form online. Please reach out to Heidi Barker, UNH Extension Project Coordinator at with questions or comments.

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