2024 Introduction to Bird Identification, Ecology & Habitats Course

Mixed Online/In-Person

Registration opens on February 5, 2024

This is a very popular online & field-based course with field trips offered in a variety of habitats at popular birding hotspots and at less-known birding locations throughout NH. This course is led by Matt Tarr (Extension Professor & Wildlife Habitat Specialist, UNHCE) and Phil Brown (Bird Conservation Director, Harris Center for Conservation Education).

This course is co-sponsored by: Harris Center for Conservation Education, Southeast Land Trust of New Hampshire, New Hampshire Fish & Game Department, New Hampshire Division of Forests and Lands and NH Timberland Owner’s Association

Weekly Online Lessons occur March 2 – May 24 and can be completed on your own schedule

Optional Course Field Trips occur April 1 – June 29

This PDF document provides a complete course description & schedule.

Email matt.tarr@unh.edu if you would like to receive notifications about this course, including the link to register that will be emailed on February 4th.

Northern cardinal