Lakes Lay Monitoring Supply Checklist, 2022

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We are looking forward to the 2022 Lakes Lay Monitoring season. Each year, volunteers must order the materials they need to collect data.  

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Items that may need to be ordered (using this order form) are:

  • Data Sheets
  • Chlorophyll filters (25/box)
  • Chlorophyll bags/labels (for chlorophyll filters)
  • Phosphorus Bottles (large 250 milliliter translucent bottles)
  • Dissolved Color Bottles (small 60 milliliter translucent bottles)
  • Cyanobacteria Sampling Bottles (small, either 60 or 125 milliliter amber bottles)
  • * Alkalinity indicator (dark solution for alkalinity test)
  • * Alkalinity titrant (clear dilute acid for alkalinity test)

More Information

1) * Alkalinity titrant and indicator should be replaced for the 2022 sampling season. If your old alkalinity titrant and alkalinity bottles are accessible, please include them with your supply order and we will refill the bottles with new reagents. Otherwise, we will pick the bottles up later this year. If your Alkalinity burette (the piece of equipment used to dispense the alkalinity titrant) or the glass stirring rod is in need of replacement, please let us know and we will send a replacement(s) with the other requested supplies.

2) Clinefinder digital thermometers remain “on” at all times and have a battery life of approximately two to three years. Note: battery power should be assessed at the beginning of the sampling season and the batteries replaced if:

1) The batteries were not replaced within the last two years.
2) The LCD temperature readout appears faint.

We can supply the three alkaline AA batteries and zip ties that hold the batteries in place or, should you ship the Clinefinder to us, we can replace the batteries for you.

The newer Clinefinders are assembled with T-15 head screws, and we can provide a T-15 screwdriver if needed.

Should a Clinefinder completely lose power, it will display “-Cal” and will have to be returned for recalibration.

When replacing the Clinefinder batteries follow these steps:

  • Remove the four screws from the back of the Clinefinder and carefully separate the two clamshell halves to expose the battery compartment. Note: the internal compartment can pressurize so work the two clamshell halves apart gently to avoid damaging the internal wiring that connects to the two halves.
  • Once open, cut the zip tie, that holds the batteries in place, to facilitate battery removal.
  • Replace the three batteries one by one: remove one old battery and replace it with a new battery. Repeat the process two more times. Note: if you remove all three batteries at once the meter will lose power and will require recalibration.
  • Take a new zip tie and thread it through the rear of the battery compartment and “zip” it into place to secure the batteries.
  • Ensure the gasket between the two clam shell halves is in place and reassemble the two clamshell halves.
  • Screw in the four screws, being careful not to over-tighten and strip the plastic into which the screws lock.
  • The meter should be ready for use with a two-to-three-year battery life.

3) We suggest that you make sure your Secchi Disk is in good working order and that the alternating black and white quadrants are painted accordingly. Should the paint have chipped,
the disks can be repainted using flat black and flat white spray paint. Alternatively, we can ship out a refurbished Secchi Disk.

4) We suggest that you check your view scope for possible leaks or damage by simply submersing the view scope into the lake water from your dock prior to your first 2022 sampling excursion. Should your view scope need repairs or replacement please let us know and we will ensure you have the needed equipment for the summer sampling season.

5) Please send along a reminder to return any equipment you sent in for repair last fall such as digital temperature meters, Secchi Disks and view scopes.

6) Should you have any additional comments or equipment needs please let us know.

Download, Print & Send In Checklist Order

Please return completed sheets to:
Bob Craycraft phone # (603) 862-3696
Lakes Lay Monitoring Program
University of New Hampshire
38 Academic Way G18 Spaulding Life Sciences
Durham NH 03824
Or email Bob at:


Lakes Monitoring Program Coordinator
Lakes Monitoring Program Manager
Phone: (603) 862-3696
Office: LLMP-Cooperative Extension, Spaulding Hall Lab 239, Durham, NH 03824