NH Guide to 4-H Goat Program

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The purpose of this manual is to serve as a guide for 4-H leaders and members involved in the 4-H Goat Project in New Hampshire.  We hope that the recommendations in the manual will be useful in giving guidance to all 4-H Goat leaders, parents and members.  The New Hampshire 4-H Goat Curriculum Committee has reviewed this manual.

This manual may be used as a teaching tool for 4-H leaders as they help in preparing members to participate in competitive activities.  This manual can be a valuable tool in giving direction to education programs carried on in 4-H Club meetings.

The 4-H Goat program encourages young people to develop self- confidence, discipline and a feeling of self-worth.  The goat serves as a tool in the growth of each individual. The 4-H Goat shows should complement the basic objectives of 4-H work and the overall development of the boy or girl.  Building, self-esteem and self- confidence are the key parts of this objective.