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A Landowner's Guide to Inventorying and Monitoring Wildlife in New Hampshire

This guide will help you become a better observer of wildlife, and help you understand the needs of different wildlife species and where they might be found on the land. You also will learn how to conduct your own inventory of different wildlife species and to monitor changes in their numbers over time. Finally, you will learn about statewide and national wildlife monitoring programs where your skills, knowledge, and data collection can contribute to broader wildlife studies.

Basic Natural Resources Inventory Table

Basic NRI Table 1 - revised 2011, taken from 2001 NRI Guide

Bath NRI in Wildlife Journal

Bath NRI story in Jan/Feb 2013 Wildlife Journal

Bird Conservation - Habitats Newsletter (spring, 2003)

Issue covers: Important Bird Areas, Forest Land Enhancement Program (FLEP), Trained Volunteers Conduct Grassland Bird Surveys, Goshawk Nesting Habitat in the White Mountains, Piping Plovers and Terns in NH, Citizen-science in Bird Monitoring and Research, Birding: A Personal View, Personal Notes on Breeding Bird Surveys, Managing for Birds, Nature Trails Become Tourism Focus, Conservation Planning for New Hampshire’s Wildlife.

Conservation Commission Materials - Town of Belmont, NH

Links to website of the Town of Belmont, NH's conservation commission, with materials related to regulation and voluntary measures to protect wildlife and habitats.

Critical Lands Index - town of Grantham, NH

An index of conservation lands created by the town of Grantham, NH (2008)

Epping NRI Maps

Epping NRI Maps Sample Set

Getting to Know NH GRANIT Data Mapper

These workshop materials are designed for anyone interested in getting a basic introduction to Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and learning how to make maps of NH online. The materials focus on NH’s free online GIS mapper (the NH GRANIT Data Mapper).


Website containing raw GIS data and other online tools for mapping of natural resources and other community resources in New Hampshire.


An online mapping program for the state of NH, that you can use to create maps that include many natural resource features.

How to Incorporate Wildlife Information in Your Natural Resource Inventory

Step by step guide for communities interested in incorporating wildlife into their natural resources inventories.

Identification & Documentation of Vernal Pools in New Hampshire

Anyone interested in locating vernal pools in their area -- landowners, towns or conservation groups -- can get detailed guidance from this complete how-to manual.

Incorporating Wildlife Action Plan Information into an NRI

NH Fish & Game directions for how to incorporate NH Wildlife Action Plan information into a community's Natural Resource Inventory

Natural Resource Inventory Maps - Suggested Maps

A table showing the recommended maps to included in a Natural Resource Inventory, used by communities in New Hampshire. 

Natural Resource Inventory Maps - Town of Bradford, NH

Download the maps created for the town of Bradford, NH's natural resource inventory (2009)

Natural Resources Inventory

NRI Sample Outline

Natural Resources Inventory - Guide for Communities

Learn about identifying and describing natural resources in a local setting in a natural resources inventory.  Communities will gain a strong foundation for land conservation planning and more informed decision making about natural resources.

Natural Resources Inventory - Town of Gilmanton, NH

Materials related to the Natural Resource Inventory completed by the town of Gilmanton, NH (2004)

Natural Resources Inventory - town of Springfield, NH

NRI done for town of Springfield, NH in 2008.

Natural Resources Inventory Documents

NRI Documents  - Town NRIs

NH Wildlife Action Plan

Links to NH Fish & Game website with complete information, including downloads, about the NH Wildlife Action Plan. 

NH Wildlife Action Plan - HABITAT PROFILES

Downloadable appendices on habitat types from the NH Wildlife Action Plan.

NH Wildlife Action Plan - Highest Ranked Habitats Map Explanation

Links to NH Fish & Game website describing how the Highest Ranked Habitats Map is derived and created.

NH Wildlife Action Plan Ecoregions Map

Links to NH Fish & Game website explaining NH ecoregions used in NH Wildlife Action Plan.

NH Wildlife Action Plan Maps - Explanation

Links to NH Fish & Game website describing how the statewide maps were derived and created.

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