Brendan Prusik

Community & Economic Development/Forestry Field Specialist
Office: Cooperative Extension, Taylor Hall, Durham, NH 03824

Brendan has been with Extension since 2010. He offers acute understanding of the mechanisms critical to healthy forest ecosystems and maximizing sustained value from those systems, while enhancing positive impact on wildlife habitats and the wellbeing of rural communities. Communities also benefit from Brendan's expertise engaging stakeholders to explore pathways toward economic development, community leadership and improved natural resources assets.

Planning is critical, not only for managing forests but also in discovering and implementing the future that every NH community holds. Brendan's varied experience allows a unique perspective at the interface between natural resources and community productivity.

His career experience includes public and private service, manufacturing, industry, small business, education and social welfare. His education includes recognition as a Bachelor of Science from Syracuse, a Master of Education from Plymouth and hundreds of hours of formal business leadership training from a number of providers.

Brendan's passion is assisting leaders who build healthy and productive communities that rely on the numerous benefits of healthy and productive forests.