House Plants

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Aphids [fact sheet]
Aphids, or plant lice, feed on most vegetable crops, many house plants and ornamentals grown in New Hampshire, as well as numerous weeds and wild plan...
Fruit & Vegetable Crops, Agriculture & Gardens, Pesticide Safety Education, Yard & Garden Agriculture & Gardens
Care of Flowering Gift Plants in the Home [fact sheet]
Introduction<br /> <br /> One of the nicest gifts one can give or receive is a flowering potted plant. Flowering plants are not just for holidays or...
Yard & Garden
Poinsettias: Care and Reflowering [fact sheet]
Easier Than it Sounds, Rewarding, and Fun!<br /> <br /> A Brief History of Poinsettia<br /> <br /> <br /> Euphorbia pulcherrima, more commonly kn...
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