4-H In the School

4-H enriches learning inside the walls of the classroom while connecting the learning experience to the outside community. County 4-H programs can support educators enrich their lessons, whether it is through our evidence-based, hands-on curricula that is aligned with standard courses of study or simply connecting with resources of the University of New Hampshire and Cooperative Extension. Let us help you Grow True Leaders! 

From AeroSpace to Financial Management to Socio-Emotional Learning, our 4-H Curriculum library has something for a variety of area of interests. Become familiar with our many areas by reviewing the 2017-18 National 4-H Curriculum Catalog  or feel free to contact your County 4-H Program team to see what materials are available for use at the local office. 

In addition to supporting in-class experiences, 4-H partners with other Extension colleagues to build the capacity of our educators, especially in the area of STEM Literacy. Contact your local team to hear more about our upcoming educator professional development series. 


State 4-H Leader/4-H Youth Development State Specialist
Extension PTL 4-H Youth Development and Education
Phone: (603) 862-4544
Office: Cooperative Extension, Taylor Hall, Durham, NH 03824