About the New Hampshire Master Gardener Program

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The program started at Washington State University in 1973. The name “Master Gardener” came from the German word “Gartenmeister,” which roughly translated means “Master Gardener.” The originators of the program had worked in Germany and learned that Germans bestow titles for hard ‐ earned proficiency levels in various crafts.

The New Hampshire program started in 1993. Master Gardeners are trained volunteers, who share their enthusiasm for gardening with the general public. By serving as a volunteer educators in their community, Master Gardeners help UNH Cooperative Extension programs reach more people.

A Master Gardener is: • A volunteer who is willing to work on horticultural projects that extends the outreach capabilitieis of UNH Cooperative Extension • A gardener with interest, experience and knowledge of any type of gardening • A teacher who is eager to share gardening knowledge and experience with others • A student curious to learn scientifically-based gardening information

This is a volunteer program and is not for professional advancement or commercial advertising. Some projects that Master Gardeners are involved with:

  • Education Center Infoline
  • School/youth gardens
  • Museum docents
  • Speakers Bureau
  • Writing articles for local publications
  • Farmers’ Market and Country Club

If you are interested in becoming a Master Gardener, please click here.

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Anna Boudreau
State Advisory Council Chair, Natural Resources Steward and NH Coverts Cooperator