The Best Plants for NH Gardens and Landscapes [book]

The Best Plants for New Hampshire Gardens and Landscapes - How to Choose Annuals, Perennials, Small Trees & Shrubs to Thrive in Your Garden uses the concept of habitat gardening to help gardeners and landscapers choose and care for plants in our unique New Hampshire environment. 

The 96-page publication includes:

  • Lively, easy-to-read text and useful charts
  • Pen and ink illustrations, and black & white photos of selected plants
  • Sections on plant selection and care
  • Specialty plant lists and an index for easy referencing

Written by Cathy Neal and Margaret Hagen of UNH Cooperative Extension, along with Leslie van Berkum of van Berkum Nurseries, this book is published by the New Hampshire Plant Growers' Association in cooperation with UNH Cooperative Extension. 

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