Dairy Management Alternatives in Low Income Years [Videos]

The following two webinars were a part of the Risk Management Education Series hosted by UNH Cooperative Extension on March 2, 2017.

Making a Profit in 2017: Focus on Feeding and Management - presented by Michael Hutjens, Extension Dairy Specialist, emeritus, University of Illinois

  • Impact on Forage Quality - uNDF and Lignin
  • Having the Right Cows int he Barn for 2017
  • Four Feeding Pillars for 2017
  • Your At-Home Check List - Will You Pass?

Business Management Practices to Help Survive Low Milk Prices - presented by Bob Parsons, Extension Professor, University of Vermont Extension

  • Recognizing Opportunities for Improvement
  • Income vs. Expenses - Two Sides of the Same Business
  • Learning from Your Financial Statements
  • Renting, Leasing, Refinancing - Options for Your Business
  • Incorporating Crop Insurance into Your Business Managment




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