Emergency Action Guideline for 4-H Animal Events

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This plan outlines guidelines designed to help ensure NH 4-H Animal Events and Shows are prepared for emergencies and severe weather conditions.

The following conditions could lead to or indicate an existing or potential emergency:

  1. Medical emergency
  2. Severe weather, such as snow, ice, wind, hail, lightning, thunder, and flooding
  3. Fire
  4. Violent subject or terrorism

At the beginning of an event, a copy of the action plan for the event should be distributed to key personnel (staff, key volunteers, head chaperones)

Emergency Plan Objectives:

  1. Ensure safety and security of all youth and adult participants and spectators.
  2. Ensure the welfare of all animals to the extent possible.
  3. Communicate clear directions and actions for participants and spectators to take to maximize safety for all.
  4. Have guidelines regarding when and how to interrupt, postpone or cancel an event or show due to an emergency.
  5. Have a communication plan to be used in event of an emergency.

For complete document, including responsibilities of the emergency response coordinator and severe weather emergencies, download resource.