Farmers Market Scavenger Hunt

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Bring the children along for some additional fun by printing off the Farmers' Market Scavenger Hunt

Farmers Market Scavenger Hunt!

  1. Find a vegetable that grew underground                                                                          
  2. Find a vegetable that you have never eaten before                                                       
  3. Find 5 things that you would like to put on a pizza                                                         
  4. Ask a farmer what his/her favorite thing to grow is                                                       
  5. How many different colors of fruits and vegetables can you find?
  6. Find the biggest vegetable at the market                                                                         
  7. Find the smallest fruit or vegetable                                                                                     
  8. Find something that grows on a tree or a vine                                                                 
  9. Find a food containing dough and fruits/vegetables                                                      
  10. Find a food that would taste great on a pancake                                                            
  11. Find a food containing both vegetables & meat                                                              
  12. Find a prepared food with no added sugar                                                                       
  13. Find a vegetable that comes in 2 different colors                                                            
  14. How many different kinds of meat can you find?                                                            
  15. How many steps is the length of the market?                                                                  
  16. How many people are selling things at the market?                                                       

Created by Rachel Freierman, 2015


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