Hot Potato [activity]

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What to say

There are many good vegetables to eat. We need to eat vegetables every day. What are some of your favorites? What do you like about vegetables? Which do you like better, fresh vegetables, frozen vegetables, or canned vegetables? Do you know of another way that you can buy vegetables? (dried) Today we are going to talk about potatoes … potatoes are root vegetables – they can be fixed in many ways. Some healthy ways to eat potatoes (using small amount of butter or margarine, sour cream, or other toppings like broccoli; eating baked or boiled potatoes).

What to do

  1. Have the kids form a circle standing up or sitting down. Ask for a volunteer to be the first caller (or this could be the child whose birthday is closest to today’s date).
  1. A “Hot Potato” is tossed around the circle from one person to the next until the caller (who is outside the circle facing the other way), yells “Hot Potato”.
  1. The person with the “Hot Potato” in his/her hands at this time joins the separate “potato callers” circle and chooses a number from 1 to 10. Start the “hot potato” moving around the circle again. The potato callers all count softly together to the chosen number before yelling “Hot Potato” in unison.
  1. The game continues in this manner until the last kid has switched to the potato caller circle.
  1. Finish the activity with a short discussion of healthy ways to eat potatoes.


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