How to Build A Mousetrap Car

Boy with Mousetrap Car

Mousetrap cars are fun to build and race.  They are a great way to explore science concepts like energy transfer, friction, torque and intertia and they make a great youth STEM project for the classroom, 4-H or other youth club.  Download the Mousetrap Cars Mentor Guide for suggestions on building mousetrap cars with youth.

Building a mousetrap car is relatively simple and only requires some common materials found around the home or local hardware store.  Below are some downloadable activity resouces on building mousetrap cars, modifying them for distance or speed and some of the basic science of mousetrap cars. 

For an online tutorial and video view this Build a Mousetrap Car Instructable.

Once you've mastered building a basic car, try these challenges for More Fun with Mousetrap Cars.

Race your mousetrap car at the 4-H Makers Expo in the spring.