New Hampshire 4-H Dairy Cattle Project Overview

The New Hampshire 4-H Dairy Cattle Project is a rewarding project that will help you learn about the selection, production, management, health and showing of dairy animals.

You do not have to own your own dairy cattle to participate in the project. You can lease an animal and/or participate in a variety of the activities the project has to offer. This can be a long term and dedicated project.

Required Participant Age: 8-18 as of January 1 of the current year (12 and older to go on to Eastern States Exposition)

New to the Dairy Project? Check out the NH 4-H Dairy Cattle Project Fact Sheet for more information and click on any of these links below! Also check out How To Get Started in the 4-H Dairy Project for more information. To see if others in your county are participating in the Dairy Cattle Project Area, contact your county 4-H office by clicking here.

Forms, resources and Fact sheets here for members, volunteers, leaders and parents

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