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The New Hampshire 4-H Alpaca and Llama Project focuses on two members of the camel family. The average llama is roughly twice the size of the average alpaca. There are differences in the body and head also, especially the shape of the ears. While the alpaca has been carefully bred for over 6,000 years as a luxury fiber-producing animal, the llama was bred as a pack animal. Its purpose has traditionally been to carry packs in mountainous terrain. The llama has coarse guard hair which protects it's fine, inner coat of fleece from the chafing of the pack on its back. The alpaca and llama project focuses on fiber production, performance, showmanship, pack training, and other areas. You don’t have to have your own alpaca or llama to participate in the New Hampshire 4-H Alpaca and Llama Project. You can borrow (lease) an animal and/or participate in a variety of the activities and events that the New Hampshire 4-H Alpaca and Llama Project has to offer. Check out this fact sheet or the links below for more information.

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