Rising Bread [activity]

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What to do
Tell the story of making bread, below. Tell the kids to move in the parts
of the story where they can act out what’s happening. (Show them what
to do and how to move – use mixing and stirring as an example.)

Rising Bread

Today I am going to make a loaf of healthy wheat bread. First, I take a package of yeast and add it to some warm water. I stir it all around, mix it up, and dissolve the yeast.

Children can turn around, weaving in and out, pretending to mix the yeast and water.

Then I take a big mixing bowl and put these things in it: water, honey, a little bit of salt, some oil.

Children can be each of the ingredients in the big mixing bowl, jump into the bowl, etc.

Next, I stir in the whole-wheat flour and I mix it around and around and around.

Children move around, mixing.

Then I knead the dough and put it in a warm place to rise. Gradually, the yeast makes the dough rise higher and higher until it almost runs over the side of the bowl!

Children can stretch, higher and higher.

Then I push it down and shape the dough into nice little loaves.

Children can fall to the floor and curl up in a little loaf.

I bake the loaves and enjoy my tasty wheat bread!