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An Outdoor Science Activity as Buds Begin to Grow (March-May) [STEM Activity]
<br /> Be a Backyard Scientist &amp; Track the Greening of Your Own Backyard<br /> <br /> Ever wonder when leaves will return in the spring? Ever n...
"Quarantined-punk" Challenge [4-H Activity]
You may be familiar with our STEaMpunk challenges, but have you tried to do one throughout your ENTIRE HOUSE?
STEM Education New Hampshire 4-H Activity
4-H Fit BINGO [4-H Activity]
This is a fun fitness activity for youth and their families. It can be done at home indoors or outdoors and might be a great break from homeschooling....
Health & Well-Being New Hampshire 4-H Activity
Choose Your Animal [4-H Activity]
What kind of animal do you dream of having? Do you want to raise dairy goats? Laying hens? Pet dog, cat, or rabbit? Working dog for farm work (herding...
New Hampshire 4-H Activity
Create a Plant Maze: Grow a bean in a jar [STEM activity]
<br /> Plant biologists investigate the conditions that influence plant growth and study how plants grow in different environments. They carry out th...
Finding Animal Signs [4-H Activity]
Do you know how many animals live in our yards, fields, woods, and streams? You may not always see them, but you can almost always find animal signs.<...
New Hampshire 4-H Activity
Float or Sink: A simple science activity to do with your children [Activity]
Out for another walk…what to do?  Collect materials from outside and inside to conduct a Float or Sink investigation. <br /> <br /> My son Theo is f...
STEM Education, STEM Discovery Lab at Manchester Activity
Fruit/Vegetable Group Picture Cards [activity]
What to do<br /> <br /> Click on Download resource in upper right hand corner for cards. Give each child one of the Fruit or Vegetable Group picture...
Nutrition and Wellness for Early Childhood, Health & Well-Being Activity
It’s a Solid… It’s a Liquid… It’s Oobleck! [4-H Activity]
Oobleck is a non-Newtonian fluid; it has properties of both liquids and solids. You can slowly dip your hand into it like a liquid, but if you squeeze...
New Hampshire 4-H Activity
Make a Cardboard Box Camp Oven [4-H Activity]
Camping season is just around the corner. No need to rough it when you have a cardboard box oven!<br /> <br /> This camp oven made out of common hou...
STEM Education New Hampshire 4-H Activity