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WINTER Plant a Row with Strafford County 4-H
One of the challenges Granite Staters are facing is food insecurity. The goal of Winter Plant a Row with 4-H Strafford County is to raise awareness of...
Health & Well-Being, Well Connected Communities New Hampshire 4-H Activity
Create a Plant Maze: Grow a bean in a jar [STEM activity]
<br /> Plant biologists investigate the conditions that influence plant growth and study how plants grow in different environments. They carry out th...
It’s a Solid… It’s a Liquid… It’s Oobleck! [4-H Activity]
Oobleck is a non-Newtonian fluid; it has properties of both liquids and solids. You can slowly dip your hand into it like a liquid, but if you squeeze...
New Hampshire 4-H Activity
Choose Your Animal [4-H Activity]
What kind of animal do you dream of having? Do you want to raise dairy goats? Laying hens? Pet dog, cat, or rabbit? Working dog for farm work (herding...
New Hampshire 4-H Activity
Maker's Minute: Mixed Planters [4-H Activity]
Use your imagination and a mixture of plants to create a unique combination in a container to add a spot of color to your deck, porch, or anywhere out...
STEM Education New Hampshire 4-H Activity
Finding Animal Signs [4-H Activity]
Do you know how many animals live in our yards, fields, woods, and streams? You may not always see them, but you can almost always find animal signs.<...
New Hampshire 4-H Activity
Make a Cardboard Box Camp Oven [4-H Activity]
Camping season is just around the corner. No need to rough it when you have a cardboard box oven!<br /> <br /> This camp oven made out of common hou...
STEM Education New Hampshire 4-H Activity
Make a Plant Press [4-H Activity]
Choose leaves from your garden, a house plant, or on a nature walk, then make your own plant press to make a leaf print!<br /> <br /> What have you ...
STEM Education New Hampshire 4-H Activity
Maker’s Minute: Playful Pencil Pals [4-H Activity]
With some creativity, just a little bit of glue, and some craft supplies, you can make a Playful Pencil Pal!
STEM Education New Hampshire 4-H Activity
Mysteries Can Help Children Understand Science. Here’s How. [Activity]
Activities for phenomena-based learning<br /> <br /> Everyone loves a mystery, and science educators are taking advantage of the natural curiosity s...
Teaching Through Inquiry & Science Practices, STEM Education Activity