Science Bonanza: Knots and Pulleys

We use knots and pulleys every day. Participants will get the chance to learn how to make a simple pully and learn how to tie three different knots, the Square Knot, the Double Fisherman's Knot and the Figure 8 Knot. These concepts can be used to explore, experiment, and create simple machines!

Ages 5-8 (great for families to do together) 

Materials Needed: 3 feet of rope. Paracord or braided nylon rope are recommended.

Instructors: Amanda Royce & Caitlin Wollack

Double Fisherman's Knot Guide

Figure 8 Guide

Square Knot Guide

This is a pre-recorded video with instructions on how to tie knots and build pulleys. Youth will enjoy this hands on experience and learning the basics of building some simple machines!

Things to try:
  • Tie a Double Fisherman's Knot in one piece of rope to use as a collar for your animal.  
  • Make a pulley system with your rope over a railing. Can you lift a bucket using your pulley?.
  • Add weight into your bucket. Pick it up, how heavy is it? How heavy does it feel when you use your pulley to pick it up?
  • Spoon Catapult