4-H 2023 Fall Foliage Challenge

Mixed Online/In-Person


Youth Participants must be enrolled in 4-H Online to be eligible to earn the patch and other awards.

 The purpose of this challenge is to get outside and to experience this wonderful season. There are many things to harvest, see, and do during the fall season. Everyone marvels at New Hampshire hardwoods’ colorful foliage. People travel from all over the world to experience it, hoping to capture some of it in a photo, video, or memory.

While you are out and about with your family participating in your favorite fall activities, take a closer look at the trees in your natural surroundings. This challenge is a tree identification project. On any type of fall outing (not your home or someone else’s home), accurately identify the trees with leaves that are changing color. There is a list of 12 hardwood tree species to choose from.

 Species List  
• Sugar Maple • Yellow Birch • Bigtooth Aspen
• Red Maple • Black Birch • Black Gum
• White Ash • American Beech • American Elm
• Paper Birch • Quaking Aspen • Red Oak

Eligible Outings  
• 4-H Club Meeting or Event • Boating or Fishing
• Leaf Peeping • Scenic Train Rides
• Driving the Byways • Apple Picking
• Hiking or Walking  
• Eating Donuts and Drinking Cider (at site of purchase)
• Staying IN ANOTHER TOWN • Local Festivities
• Corn Maze • Haunted Experience


  1. Choose at least 4 of the Eligible tree species listed in this logbook. There is a tree identification guide at the end of this logbook to help you in your pursuits.

  1. Participate in a family, 4-H Club, or group outing related to Fall (see list on next page).

  1. Fill out a logbook section for each tree species. The pages will guide you through the challenge. You will need to take photos, print them, and adhere them to this logbook.

  1. Return your filled-out logbook to your county 4-H office by Saturday, November 4th. Mailing or a drop off trip are necessary.

  1. We will send your completed logbook and your limited edition Fall Foliage Challenge patch back to you.


Join Tree Expert Kevin Martin on Saturday October 21st from 10am – Noon in Swasey Parkway in Exeter, NH. Kevin will introduce you to the Champion Oak and Birch trees, demonstrate how to measure all parts of the tree, and describe what the process is for NH trees to be awarded Champion status.

More about Kevin Martin: Kevin Martin- Big Trees of New Hampshire (wcha.org)

Exeter NH pin oak tree


Are you a Club Leader or a Parent who is interested to connecting with our County Forester, Greg Jordan to get immaculate advice on where to access trees for this challenge? Send him an email: Greg.Jordan@unh.edu

More from Wildside:

This Challenge will sharpen youth’s understanding of different species of trees, get your family or Club out at your favorite festive happenings, strengthen physical, emotional, and psychological health.

There are three more Seasonal Challenges. The Winter Recreation Challenge, Spring Wildflower Challenge, and Summer Hiking Challenge. Youth will receive a challenge patch for all challenges they complete. Youth who register and complete all 4 challenges will be rewarded a limited edition Wildside T-shirt.