Askable Adult: Developing Strong Relationships with Youth

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Join us for a two-evening workshop developed by the Vermont Network that will help you become an "askable adult".

An "askable adult" is someone who is approachable and easy for children and youth to talk to about anything that is on their minds. Being "askable" requires qualities such as patience, consistency, respectfulness, honesty, kindness, attentiveness, trustworthiness, lightheartedness, open-mindedness, non-judgment, and knowledgeability. Askable adults often share a similar racial/ethnic or sexual identity as the young person, or have a common background experience.

This training and guide is designed for adults who are interested in becoming more "askable" and supportive for the children and youth in their lives. It is open to all adults, educators, parents, and youth development professionals. Participants will enhance their skills to have strong, trusting, and affirming relationships with young people, communicate more effectively, strengthen connections, and become a valuable resource for the youth in their lives.


4-H Clover Academy