North Country Adventure


3783 York Pond Rd
Berlin, NH 03570
United States

People helping each other on a mountain.

Ages: 12-16

Youth scrambling up on a steep rock.

Cost: $600

Physical Activity Scale* = 3+



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For the camper that just can’t get enough of the great outdoors. This week will be a great experience in all aspects of a true “outdoorsperson”. Campers will hone their existing woodcraft skills and inevitably learn new skills to take afield. Time will be spent on fly fishing/fly tying, spin fishing and campers will be able to participate in a Great North Woods fishing adventure.

Hunting skills, tracking, trapping and wildlife management will be explored as well as plenty of general outdoor survival skills. Campers will learn how to be well prepared while on outdoor adventures and how to survive in the wilderness in the event of an unexpected mishap.

Shooting Sports, firearms handling and gun care will be an integral part of this week.

Campers will also take part in a host of traditional and fun activities. You’ll enjoy campfires, cabin skits, archery, fishing, swimming, and more. Join us and make new friends as you unplug and delight in the outdoors!

*The Activity Scale estimates the level of challenging physical activity each week. 1= some, 2=moderate, 3=lots

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