State 4-H Horse Show 2024


34 Stage Rd
Deerfield Fair Fairgrounds
Deerfield, NH 03037
United States


The 2024 NH 4-H State Horse Show will be held on July 12-14 at the Deerfield Fairgrounds.

2024 State 4-H Horse Show Class Patterns

2024 State 4-H Horse Show Entry Pack

2024 State 4-H Horse Show Supporter Information

Seniors ages 14+ may show two horses in two divisions. Exhibitors ages 12+ may cross-enter into a second division. See Entry Packet for details

Staying Overnight - Participants are encouraged to camp with household members on the grounds (indicate on your entry form). Camping will be by county grouping as close to stabling areas as possible. Any exhibitor leaving the grounds at night must designate an animal care person who will be on the grounds and provide an emergency contact phone number.

Exhibitors (Riders/Drivers/In-Hand): This show is open to NH 4-H members 10-18 years old on January 1 who have been selected by their county as a delegate or alternate; if your county does not have a selection process or you were unable to attend, get approval from your county and complete the readiness form. All must enter by deadline; delegates must include fees, and alternates will pay upon arrival at show if they participate. No post entries accepted.
Horse sharing will be allowed at the State 4-H Horse Show. There is no entry fee discount or stabling discount for members sharing a horse. Members must be part of the same county delegation (if members are from two different counties, they will need to choose which one to stable with/camp with during the show). In-hand horses may be shared by three members.

Entry Fee: Accepting credit cards, cash or money orders. An entry fee of $100.00 for each horse-exhibitor combination and $15.00 for each stable manager is necessary to help cover show costs. Entry fees are due with entries. Seniors showing two horses will pay two entry fees. Make check or money order payable as directed by your county to the county or UNH Cooperative Extension. No refunds of entry fees unless notified in writing via email at at least 48 hours before opening of the show that the member will not participate. Those entering up to two additional classes in a second division pay a $12 per class entry fee. Enter and pay at the show. A limited number of scholarships are available for those unable to pay. For more information, please contact

T-shirts, Hoodie Sweatshirts and 1/4 zip sweatshirts can be pre-ordered on the 4Honline registration or by contacting Some extras may be available for sale at the show.

NH 4-H State Horse Show 2024 winning artwork