Community Garden Virtual Binder

There's a lot to know in planting a garden, whether it is your own, a community garden or a school garden. Below are links to several fact sheets provided by UNH Cooperative Extension that cover some of the topics of interest to new or continuing gardeners. You may want to print them out and provide them in a binder for your community garden participants.

Getting Started:

Starting Plants From Seed

Preparing a Vegetable Garden Site

Soil Testing Home Grounds and Garden Submission Form

When to Plant Your Vegetable Garden

Growing Vegetables in Containers


Composting, Fertilizing, Mulching

Purchasing Compost

Using Animal Manures and Manure-Based Composts


Organic and Natural Fertilizers

Fertilizing Vegetable Gardens

Garden Mulches


Growing and Caring for Specific Crops

Growing Asparagus

Growing Garlic 

Growing Sweet Corn

Growing Sweet Potatoes

Growing Tomatoes

Pruning Tomatoes 


Dealing with Insects and Disease

Preventing Common Garden Diseases

Plant Diseases and Diagnostics Submission Form

Insect Identification Services Submission Form


Where to Find More Help

How to Get Best Results from the UNH Extension Infoline


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Office: Cooperative Extension, Taylor Hall, Durham, NH 03824