Creative Recycled Planter Project [4-H Activity]

shoe, teapot and birchbark planters

Spring is the time to start plants and growing plants in containers is a great 4-H project. But being stuck at home, sometimes we might not have enough containers to start our plants, or so we think. Containers can be made from anything that can hold soil and provide a bit of drainage. Out of necessity is born innovation. Look around your house for any kind of container to recycle, upcycle, repurpose or reuse as a planter, the more creative the better. Many of us have used newspaper, egg cartons or paper cups, but a plant will be just as happy growing in a yogurt cup, an old shoe, a upside down hat, a grain bag, or even discarded items like a dented saucepan or an old bathtub. If you think you don't have any containers for your seeds, look in your recycling bin or the junk box to see if there is anything you can use there. Find the most creative container you can, then, with your parents' permission of course, Make a Creative Recycled Planter.

For tips on how to make your own container garden visit our Growing Vegetables in Containers page. There you will find information on what to plant, what soil to use and how to care for your plant. Remember to be as creative as possible when choosing your recycled planter. Once you're done, give it some water, set it in the sun and take pictures to share NH 4-H Community Facebook Page.