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An Outdoor Science Activity as Buds Begin to Grow (March-May) [STEM Activity]
<br /> Be a Backyard Scientist &amp; Track the Greening of Your Own Backyard<br /> <br /> Ever wonder when leaves will return in the spring? Ever n...
Pillbugs: An interactive investigation into animal behaviors [STEM Activity]
One of the many subjects that ecologists investigate is how living things interact with their environment.  One way we can study ecology is by explori...
STEM Education, STEM Docents, STEM Discovery Lab at Manchester, Teaching Through Inquiry & Science Practices
Bark and Leaf Rubbings [4-H Activity]
Have you taken time to notice all the beautiful trees and shrubs in New Hampshire? Do you know the state tree or the state flower? (See the example be...
STEM Education New Hampshire 4-H
Contact Information for National and New Hampshire Resources for Mental Health
This list includes contact information for both national and New Hampshire resources for those experiencing mental health challenges. If you or someon...
Youth & Family Resiliency, Mental Health First Aid®, Youth Mental Health & Wellness Health
COVID-19 Protocols for 4-H Volunteers
Guidelines for 4-H Volunteers for before, during, and after in-person 4-H experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic.
New Hampshire 4-H
COVID-19 Safety Training for Outdoor Volunteers
Volunteers from any organization needing COVID-19 safety training for outdoor work may complete this 12:46-minute training module to receive a Certifi...
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Creating Belonging on a Virtual Meeting [tip sheet]
Belonging is an essential element to the 4-H experience. But how can we create a sense of belonging with our youth when we are meeting online? This gu...
Youth & Family Resiliency, Youth Mental Health & Wellness New Hampshire 4-H
Creative Recycled Planter Project [4-H Activity]
Spring is the time to start plants and growing plants in containers is a great 4-H project. But being stuck at home, sometimes we might not have enoug...
New Hampshire 4-H
Design and Model Your Dream Farm [4-H Activity]
Have you always dreamed of having your own farm? This activity challenges you to design the farm of your dreams!<br /> <br /> Activity Steps<br /> ...
New Hampshire 4-H
Float or Sink: A simple science activity to do with your children [Activity]
Out for another walk…what to do?  Collect materials from outside and inside to conduct a Float or Sink investigation. <br /> <br /> My son Theo is f...
STEM Education, STEM Discovery Lab at Manchester Activity