Economic Recovery and Resilience

UNH Extension is working with NH cities and towns to move toward economic recovery. While things are uncertain, it is important to look to the future and plan for community and economic resilience. We are offering initiatives around economic recovery and resilience for community leaders and volunteers, municipal officials, small businesses, economic development professionals and those interested in economic recovery.

New Hampshire Communities are Suited to Focus on Community Economic Resilience Blog

What is resilience and why are we hearing so much about it? Resilience is the idea that communities and businesses can recover and improve after a sudden threat or shock. We start our resilience work knowing that in NH, our communities have been practicing resilience.

Business Retention Strategy for 2021: Business Resiliency Planning

In 2021, business retention strategy must focus on resiliency for both communities and businesses. The pandemic and the economic impacts have resulted in community leaders connecting directly with businesses to learn about their immediate needs. We now have an opportunity for a dramatically deeper connection between community and local business.

Resiliency Academy for Small Business and Communities

UNH Extension and NH Small Business Development Center are partnering to offer Resiliency Academy, bringing together small business and community leaders to work toward a resilient future. The academy will focus on developing resiliency plans which will aid in economic recovery and planning for future disruptions.

Resiliency Academy Kickoff Webinar Recordings

We partnered with NH Small Business Development Center and offered two webinars to introduce the topic of resilience for small businesses and communities. The webinars share the intersection of small business and community resiliency, why it’s important to focus on resiliency planning now and factors for building resilience in small business and community. The two webinars share the same content with different speakers representing small businesses. 

Watch Resiliency Academy Webinar 1

Watch Resiliency Academy Webinar 2

Resilient NH Economies Research

UNH Extension studying communities across the state over the next year to understand the effects of the pandemic and identify factors of resilience. We look forward to sharing the results.


For more information, reach out to or visit NH Small Business Development Center.