Follow the Red Pepper [activity]

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What to do

  1. This is an adapted version of “Follow the Leader.”
  1. Ask a volunteer to be the “Red Pepper” leader. Give the “Red Pepper” the red scarf or fabric to carry.
  1. Have the children form a line facing toward the Red Pepper leader. Tell them to follow the “Red Pepper: and do everything it does.
    The object of this game is to be physically active. The Red Pepper leader should lead the children in activities such as running, skipping, hopping, dancing, running sideways/backwards, etc.
    If you have a large group and enough space, you can have two lines going at one time.
  1. Change “Red Pepper” leaders as needed to allow each child that wants to be the leader a turn.
  1. Finish the activity with a short discussion of favorite vegetables.


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