Free Curricula

If your school has at least 50 % of its students receiving free and reduced meals, Nutrition Connections staff can come into your classroom to teach a series of lessons based on nutrition and fitness.

If scheduling is an issue, there are many free evidence-based curricula that can be taught at your convenience.  Please find links below.

Gardening Curricula

Dig In Grades 5-6 - Explore a world of possibilities in the garden and on your plate using ten inquiry-based lessons that engage 5th and 6th graders in growing, harvesting, tasting, and learning about fruits and vegetables. More information is also available at Dig In! At Home Parent Booklet and Dig In! Posters.

Great Garden Detective Adventure Grades 3-4  Discover what fruits and vegetables are sweetest, crunchiest, and juiciest through a series of investigations and fun experiences connecting the school garden to the classroom, school cafeteria, and home. This eleven-lesson curriculum for 3rd and 4th grades includes bulletin board materials, veggie dice, fruit and vegetable flash cards, and ten issues of Garden Detective News for parents/caregivers.

Grow It Try It Like It Pre K –K- Nutrition Education Kit Featuring MyPlate is a garden-themed nutrition education kit for child care center staff that introduces children to: three fruits - peaches, strawberries, and cantaloupe, and three vegetables - spinach, sweet potatoes, and crookneck squash. The kit includes seven booklets featuring fruits and vegetables with fun activities through the imaginary garden at Tasty Acres Farm! It also has a CD-ROM with Supplemental Information and a DVD with Cool Puppy Pup's Picnic and Lunch Parties. Each set of lessons contains: hands-on activities, planting activities, and nutrition education activities that introduce MyPlate. Use the kit to promote learning at home with fun parent/child activities and family-sized recipes that give tips for cooking with children.

 NH Harvest of the Month; grades 4 and 5 - Harvest of the Month (HOM) is a farm-to-school campaign that provides ready to go materials for the classroom, cafeteria, and community that promotes the use of local, seasonal foods.

Basic Nutrition Education

Serving Up MyPlate–A Yummy Curriculum, Level 1 - Grades 1-2, Level 2 Grades 3-4 and Level 3 Grades 5-6 - This teacher's guide includes three lessons, a song CD, 35 MyPlate at Home handouts, and MyPlate poster included in set.

Discover MyPlate Kindergarten - This kit includes lesson booklet, poster, food cards, Food Group Friends Profile Cards, Emergent Reader: Teacher's Edition, song CD, and 25 copies of student workbooks, 25 parent handouts (English), 25 sets of student emergent readers, and 25 Look and Cook recipes.


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