Getting Started-Orientation



  • County Advisory Council Volunteer Service Description
  • County Advisory Council Purpose
    • UNH Cooperative Extension’s 10 County Advisory Councils are vital links between UNH Cooperative Extension and their individual county and communities. Councils function most effectively when members freely exchange and solicit ideas, identify major community needs, and help implement programs that best meet local needs, become advocates for Extension and otherwise help people put knowledge and research to work.

  • Council Make-Up
    • Councils are comprised of 12 citizen volunteers. In addition, there is an appointed County Delegation member and a representative of the County Commissioners who serve on the Advisory Council with undefined terms.
  • Term of Appointment
    • Terms of appointment are for two years and a council member may serve only three, two-year terms consecutively.
    • Advisory Councils meet a minimum of six times per year.
    • Meeting schedules vary from county-to-county, but are usually held in the early evening.
    • Meetings take place at the county Extension office unless otherwise noted.
    • Advisory Council will use electronic communications whenever possible.
    • Council members may serve as an officer or have committee meetings in addition to regular Council meetings, including the Finance Committee, County Public Awareness Team or as a member of the UNH Cooperative Extension State Advisory Council.
  • Role of Council Members
    • Participate in orientation and other educational opportunities concerning policies, programs, marketing, and support of UNH Cooperative Extension activities.
    • Identify needs and wants of county citizens on which to base educational programming.
    • Be an ambassador for communications/public relations and marketing.
    • Be an advocate with stakeholders, legislators and partnering organizations.
    • Assist in the recruitment, employment and evaluation of UNH Cooperative Extension program staff and in the evaluation of Extension programs.
    • Provide input on budget preparation and attend county commissioners/county delegation hearings in support of the Extension budget.
    • Attend Extension workshops in support of educator efforts and to learn more about individual programming.
  • Qualifications
    • Sincere interest in working with Extension staff and volunteers and belief in UNHCE’s mission.
    • Commit to attending the regular meetings of the Council.
    • Knowledgeable of UNH Cooperative Extension programs and mission (i.e. stakeholder, client etc.) or willingness to become familiar with the philosophy and mission of UNH Cooperative Extension.
    • Ability to work with and effectively communicate with volunteer peers, Extension stakeholders/partners, local and state-wide elected officials and Extension staff.
  • Benefits to the volunteer
    • Work with fellow volunteers as well as professional staff.
    • Develop communication and leadership skills.
    • Gain appreciation for community/regional issues and civic responsibilities.
    • Gain stronger appreciation for UNH Cooperative Extension.
    • Liability Protection for volunteer service to Extension under NH RSA 508:17.


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