Grafton County 2020 Highlights

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A Year in Review: Grafton County, 2020

Grafton County Contributions: $336,676

State Contributions: $554,373 (In 2020, for every $1.00 Grafton County contributed, UNH provided $1.65 of statewide resources.)

Total Extension Value to Grafton County: $1.6M (Excludes $2.5 M value of fruit and vegetable industry.)

Agricultural Support

Developed a program with N.H. Dept. of Agriculture to expend CARES Act funds for farms hurt by the pandemic. Staff assisted farmers with writing applications for these funds.

$295,405 distributed to farms

Supported fruit and vegetable farms through cooperative research, innovative production practices, management of invasive insects, improvement of crop vigor and reduction of pesticide applications.

$2.5M  industry value

48 produce farms

Forest Land Management Technical Assistance

$190,939 generated in timber production and tax revenue

Provided technical assistance to woodlot owners resulting in improved acreage through forest management practices.

55 large woodlot owners

8,588 acres improved

Community Capacity-building

Assisted Bethlehem Reimagined, Inc. in writing a $30,000 USDA grant.

Assisted Bristol Downtown and Bristol Trails Committee with signage, wayfinding (guiding visitors to destinations and services) and revitalization of Bristol Falls Park.

Youth and Families

4-H Clubs collected items to support the county’s low-income families. 4-H provided hands-on agricultural science to families during the pandemic.

2,100 food and personal items


337 volunteers

21,720 hours

$569,705 value of volunteer time (State Values of Volunteer Time, N.H. $26.23;