Statewide Highlights 2019: Workforce, Students, Faculty

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Workforce Development

Extension programs provide training for employees in forest, agriculture, marine and foodservice industries so they can develop skills and maintain licensure required by state and federal regulation. Beyond supporting businesses and entrepreneurship, Extension helps convene municipal, business and institutional stakeholders who are engaged in workforce development. The 4-H program provides education and leadership opportunities that help the development of the future workforce—our youth.

Student Success

Student interns work throughout the state, gaining skills and networking with potential employers. In 2019, Extension provided 52 paid internships and employed 21 work study students. Private resources and grants (totaling $131,000) funded their work in natural resources, youth development, agriculture and community development. Campus and county-based Extension staff mentored or advised an additional 264 undergraduate and 72 graduate students during the year.

Faculty Engagement

We strive to bring the resources of the state’s flagship university to the people of New Hampshire where they work and live. Extension staff partner with faculty and help them make connections with communities and businesses. These interactions inform faculty on practical research needs for the betterment of the economy, environment and society.

Extension staff member points to community development planning poster; Extensionn helps NH businesses and  workforce