How to Become an Advanced Master Gardener

Advanced Master Gardener Certification Program


Encourage and recognize Master Gardeners who have made a commitment to expand their horticultural knowledge beyond the initial training.

Better serve NH communities by strengthening the caliber of the Master Gardener program.


All active Master Gardeners are eligible to enroll in the Advanced Master Gardener program. 


The Advanced Master Gardener process is currently being updated. Please check back or contact the Master Gardener Coordinator, Ruth Smith, if you have questions about this level of involvement.

Certification Requirements to become an AMG

Complete the intitial training, internship and at least one full year as a Master Gardener

Maintain active status        

Maintenance Requirements

Continuing Education Units (CEUs)

One CEU is equal to an hour of actual training time for workshops and classes

Earn CEUs by attending conferences, Joint Continuing Education Committee workshops, MG refresher training, county-based MG training, and training provided by other organizations such as Native Plant Trust, Massachusetts Horticultural Society, The Fells, NH Audubon, Tower Hill Botanic Garden, Arnold Arboretum, etc.

Volunteer at the Education Center’s Infoline and earn 1 CEU for every 10 hours of volunteer time, up to 3 CEUs per year.

College classes - CEUs equal the number of credits assigned for a class. 


Record and report training and volunteer hours regularly throughout the year

Report hours


Advanced MG nametags will be awarded to volunteers who have completed the requirements.


Ruth Smith
Master Gardener Program Manager
Asst Extension Program Mgr
Phone: 603-351-3831
Office: Cooperative Extension, Taylor Hall, Durham, NH 03824