How to Report Your Volunteer Hours

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Video Transcript


This is a “how-do” video on reporting volunteer hours within Salesforce. 

First, if you don’t have your personal volunteer link yet, you will need to get that. Open an Internet browser and in the address bar type or click on the link in the transcript. Fill in your first name, last name, email and click send. Your personalize volunteer link will be emailed to you.

In the email, click on your personalized link. This link will be yours and no one else so you can save it as a bookmark in your Internet browser. The main page of your personalized volunteer site is also called a dashboard.

On the left-hand side, you will see “View your information” and “Report Hours.” When you click on “View your information,” you will get back to the main page or the dashboard. On your dashboard, you can see what hours you have posted and if you have any changes to your personal contact information, you can do it here.

To report your hours, click on “Report Hours.” At that point, you will see that your name and email address will prepopulate. Click on the drop-down box to pick your selection. You will be able to see your county, Education Center and Continuing Education. Select the option that you want to report. Type the date that you wanted to report. For example, if you volunteered at a farmers’ market on May 1st, you would put your start date as May 1st and your end date would also be May 1st.If you are at the farmers’ market for the whole season, you could put your start date as May 1st but your last day at the market was September 15th, you would put your end date as September 15th.You could only count a project in the current volunteer year, which runs from October 1st through September 30th.So even if you were planning on doing the farmers’ market next year, you can only report the hours that you volunteered in the current volunteer year.

Next, you would put the number of hours volunteered. Again, using the example of the farmer’s market, if you were there just for one day, you would put the number of hours that you volunteer for that day, let’s say we did five hours for this example. You don’t need to put the word hours, only the number 5.However, if you wanted to report the whole season at one time, you would put the number of hours volunteered here. Again, for this example, let’s say we did 100 hours so we would type 100 in the text box.

In the “Comments” box, you would put your project title and project description. So, to continue our example of the farmers’ market, the title would be “Town Farmers’ Market” and the description would be “Set up Ask a Master Gardener table, handed out fact sheets and Education Center brochures, led gardening demo, and broke down table.”

In the “Number of Contacts,” you would put how many people did you interact with. How many people in the community chatted with you or heard you speak about a particular gardening topic. In our example of the farmers’ market, let’s put 30 contacts for a single shift because that is how many people we engaged with by handing out fact sheets or who attended our demo. So, we would type 30 into the text box. If we were putting the whole season in, we would say 300 hours for all ten weeks. Again, we would type 300 into the text box.

With “Hours Traveled,” you would put in how long it took to get to the project and back home. Let’s say that we live 15 minutes away from the farmers’ market. We would record .5 for the 30 minutes round trip.

Lastly, “Miles Traveled” would be how many miles did you travel round trip to get to and from the project. In our example of the farmers’ market, if we lived 10 miles from the farmers’ market, we would type in the text box 20.Then click “Submit.”

If you go back to your dashboard, you will be able to see the hours that you just posted. Because this is your personalize volunteer site, you can log in at any time to check your volunteer hours. If you should have any issues please contact your Master Gardener Coordinator or the Education Center.