How to Submit Plant Samples to the UNH Plant Diagnostic Lab

plant with disease

At the UNH Plant Diagnostic Lab, Dr. Cheryl Smith, Extension Plant Health Specialist, and director of the Lab, examines and tests plant samples to determine causes of poor growth, damage, abnormalities, and other symptoms. Plant samples are sent to the diagnostic lab by home gardeners, landscapers, golf course superintendents, arborists, growers from commercial nursery, fruit, vegetable, and greenhouse operations and others.

Proper diagnosis of plant problems relies on plant samples arriving at the lab in good condition. In this video, Dr. Cheryl Smith provides guidelines on how to successfully submit samples to the Plant Diagnostic Lab, including:

  • How to package different types of samples (leaves, branches, whole plants)
  • What to include in the package (plant sample, completed form, payment)
  • And how to deliver the package to lab, in person or by postal mail