Implementing Uneven-aged Management in New England. Is It Practical? 2006 Workshop Proceedings

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In 2006, presenters revisited some of the key factors that define uneven-aged management and looked at how it is being implemented in our major forest types. 

Table of Contents

An Uneven-aged Management Primer, Everything You Learned in School…and Probably Forgot - Walt Wintturi, Watershed to Wildlife

Page 1

The Ecology of Uneven-aged Management -
Tom Lee, University of New Hampshire

Page 6

Uneven-Aged Management and Wildlife Habitats - What Do We Know?- MarikoYamasaki, USDA Forest Service

Page 10

The Reverse-J and Beyond: Developing Practical, Effective Marking Guides - Mark Ducey, University of New Hampshire

Page 14

Uneven-aged Management in New England: Does It Make Economic Sense?- Ted Howard, University of New Hampshire

Page 26

Uneven-aged Management of Northern Hardwoods -
Bill Leak, USDA, Forest Service

Page 31

Uneven-aged Silviculture Research on the Penobscot Experimental Forest - Laura Kenefic and John C. Brissette, USDA Forest Service

Page 34

Uneven-aged Management for Oak and Pine Forest Types in Southern New England - Matt Kelty, University of Massachusetts

Page 38

Selection System Silviculture Experiments at the Caroline A. Fox Research Forest - Ken Desmarais, N.H. Division of Forests and Lands

Page 48

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