Integrated Landscaping: Following Nature's Lead [book]

This book offers a new way of thinking about shaping home grounds and public spaces in the Northeast.   Lavishly illustrated, Integrated Landscaping  features original photos, drawings, and sketches on almost every page to provide clear examples of the concepts presented. The book also incorporates 12 plant-system models that help landscapers and gardeners apply the concepts of layering and visualize how plants can work together in a variety of different low and high stress settings.

Most landscape manuals describe a linear sequence of processes: design, plant selection, installation, and ongoing maintenance.  Integrated landscaping is different.  It uses natural ecosystems as models, taking a nonlinear, holistic approach that addresses these processes simultaneously.  Integrated landscaping treats each site as a system of plant and animal communities, considering their interrelationships to each other and their environment.

ISBN 9781611682786

This manual will help New Hampshire and other Northeastern landscapers working on either existing or new sites:

  • Establish landscapes that look and feel as if they belong here
  • Integrate natural principles into beautiful, functional landscapes
  • Create landscapes that sustain themselves with minimum cost, energy, and effort
  • Think in terms of plant systems, rather than mere collections of individual plants
  • Use and apply plant-system models designed for challenging conditions
  • Find alternatives to invasive species that offer the aesthetic characteristics they provide
  • Create landscapes that benefit wildlife, both above and below ground

"A first-rate model for forward thinking landscapers everywhere.  It's time to bring nature back into our lives, and this book shows us how." – Richard Louv, Author, The Nature Principle and Last Child in the Woods

Authored by Lauren Chase-Rowell, Katherine Hartnett, Mary Tebo Davis and Marilyn Wyzga.  Published by University of New Hampshire Cooperative Extension in partnership with NH Fish and Game Dept., NH Division of Forests and Lands and the USDA Forest Service. Revised and Expanded Edition, 2012. Paperback, 168 pages.  ISBN 9781611682786

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