Landscaping at the Water's Edge [book]

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Landscaping at the Water’s Edge is a manual for NH landowners and landscapers that covers the concepts and practices of ecological design for water quality protection in lakes, rivers, streams and coastal areas. Whether you are a property owner or a landscape professional, the decisions you make affect the water quality and health of New Hampshire's environment. An ecological approach to your landscape will enhance the beauty and functionality of your surroundings.

This book will help you understand the basics of how watersheds and shoreland ecosystems function so you can use the strategies and techniques presented to help prevent soil erosion, nutrient and pesticide runoff, exotic plant invasions, and other detrimental processes associated with developed landscapes. Applying the principles of ecological landscaping will support wildlife and plant diversity and maintain or even improve water quality in our lakes, streams, rivers, bays and estuaries.

Besides “doing the right thing,” your actions have a huge impact on human, environmental and economic health. Public health demands abundant supplies of clean drinking water and clean air to breathe, benefits that good landscaping practices help provide. The economic value of waterfront property and a significant share of the state’s tourism revenues derive from the recreational opportunities and attractive views afforded by sparkling water, and healthy, diverse communities of plants and animals.

The 92-page book is fully illustrated in color. You may download and print it.

Note: Book is currently unavailable for purchase through UNH Extension.



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