Let’s Root for Each Other: Garden Challenge [4-H Activity]

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Spring has arrived and we want to make sure you are ready to welcome this wonderful season! 

What are you planning to grow in your garden? Have you started any seeds? Or maybe you’ve found something new and interesting growing out in nature!

Whatever it might be, you can share your growing experience by joining the NH 4-H Community Facebook group and posting pictures of your growing plants in the comment section of the “Let’s Root for Each Other” post. If you want to post your garden pictures on your own Facebook page, use the hashtag #4HGrowsHere.

You can share your experience offline as well - download and print the 4-H Garden Challenge PosterHang it in your window at home, so people know that we are all in this together. There are no prizes here, just the 4-H community ROOTING for each other.

Some participating NH 4-H counties have put together "Garden Surprise Packages" for registered youth. These packages are being mailing out directly to registered youth in April and will include a variety of get-growing items. Check with your County Program Manager to check out what’s happening in your county!

For youth who may have missed their county's Garden Program registration deadline, remember, we still want you to take part and help us “ROOT for Each Other”! If you have the supplies at home to get growing please join us on this adventure! You can still take part by sharing something that you are growing at home or something you found growing out in nature.

Looking for some gardening tips? Check out our resources here!