Managing White Pine in a New Millennium 2003 Workshop Proceedings

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Managing White Pine in a New Millennium held on October 9 and 10, 2003 was a  2-day symposium for foresters to disseminate the latest research and practice on white pine management, measurement, condition, and regeneration. These proceedings were prepared as a supplement to the workshop.

Table of Contents
1   Overview of White Pine in New England Using Forest Inventory & Analysis by R. Widmann & W. McWilliams
9    White Pine Health in New Hampshire by Kyle Lombard
12   The Perfect White Pine Log by Sarah Smith
16   Cruising White Pine Stands Efficiently by Ken Desmarais
20   Girard Form Class for Eastern White Pine in Southern New Hampshire by Ken Desmarais
24   Inventory Considerations for Quantitative Silviculture by Mark Ducey
33   White Pine as Wildlife Habitat by Mariko Yamasaki
37   Optimum Stocking of White Pine: It All Depends!! by Bill Leak
41   Low-Density management of white pine crop trees: A primer and short-term research results by Bob Seymour
49   White Pine and Prescribed Fire by Richard Weyrick
55   The Nuts and Bolts of Prescribed Burning by Inge Seaboyer
61   Site Scarification for Natural White Pine Regeneration by Peter Pohl
66   Direct Seeding White Pine by Peter Pohl
70   Conifer Release Using Herbicides by Dan Cyr
72   New Hampshire White Pine Harvest for 2000 and 2001 by Matt Tansey
75   Silvicultural Approaches for Growing Quality White Pine by Bill Leak and Ken Desmarais

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