Native Shrubs, Subshrubs & Lianas of New Hampshire

We list 235 species of native shrubs, subshrubs, and lianas known to occur in New Hampshire. The exact number is tricky to pin down because some shrub species can also occur in tree form. Others are subshrubs, dwarf shrubs or perennial plants that are woody only near the base, where new growth above the base dies back each year. Finally, lianas (woody vine-like plants) are also included in the list. Forty species are rare (state endangered or threatened), 14 are uncommon (state watch), and 19 are listed as indeterminate (see “Category Definitions” below). The following criteria were used to determine inclusion on this list:

  • Woody species (subshrubs to shrubs to lianas) native to at least part of New Hampshire.
  • Woody species that typically grow no more than 20 feet tall.
  • Woody species that commonly grow in a multi-stem form.

The list is split into conifers (gymnosperms) and flowering species (angiosperms). Within these two categories, the list is first arranged alphabetically by the generic common name of groups (i.e., dogwood, elderberry, false heather, etc.), then by the common name of the species. Scientific (Latin) names are also given (family name follow the genus name header). Both common and scientific names follow Arthur Haines’ Tracheophyte Checklist of New England (2016):

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