New Hampshire 4-H Association

The Association was incorporated as a New Hampshire voluntary corporation on June 7, 2012 for the purpose of serving as a central organization by supporting, exercising supervision and control over all 4-H clubs, affiliates and 4-H programming in the State of New Hampshire and to provide a tax exemption for all 4-H clubs and affiliates in the State of New Hampshire.

The local clubs and affiliates (leaders groups, county foundations) which make up the 4-H programming within the State of New Hampshire are considered subordinates to the New Hampshire 4-H Association and renew certification with the association each year.  The principal purposes of the Subordinates are to promote positive youth development, facilitate learning and engage youth in the work of their community and to foster educational opportunities within the club, county and state.

One representative from each county, 3 staff appointments by the Dean and Director of UNH Cooperative Extension and a representative of the 4-H Foundation of New Hampshire compose the board of directors.  There is one standing committee which is a youth advisory committee made up of a teens - their purpose is to advise the board on issues and opinions of youth in New Hampshire and especially those enrolled in 4-H.


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