New Hampshire 4-H STEM Ambassadors

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FAQ Sheet

What age do I have to be to become a 4-H STEM Ambassador?
You can apply at the age of 14 if you have completed 8th grade.

If I am selected as a 4-H STEM Ambassador, how long do I serve in that role?
One year. You must re-apply through the Interest Form annually.

What is the time commitment required?
The group meets approximately every month for a group meeting, field trip, workshop, or give-back event. We recognize that everyone is busy and may not be able to attend every month’s event, but you are expected to commit to attending at least 5 events during the year, one of which must be a give-back event. The dates of monthly events will be identified as a group at the first meeting of the year (in October) to allow all members to have a say in the meeting times and ultimately get the dates on their calendars in advance. The exact activity for all dates may not be decided at this time, but a placeholder will be created for an activity to-be-determined in the future.

Do I have to become a 4-H STEM Ambassador to apply for the Ignite by 4-H National Summit?
No, but priority will be given to the teens that serve in this role.

What are the costs associated with being a 4-H STEM Ambassador?
We try very hard to keep the costs low. Field trips, workshops, and group apparel have no associated costs to group members. There is a family contribution of $300 per participant for the national Ignite by 4-H summit if selected to attend; however, it is possible that scholarships are available through county scholarship funds or grants associated with our STEM programs. You are responsible for your own travel costs to and from events/meetings. If cost concerns are the only barrier to participation, please reach out to the group leaders to discuss potential options.

I am not currently a member of 4-H. Can I still apply?
Yes! However, you will be expected to sign-up for a 4-H membership profile in order to join (it’s free!). We welcome the opportunity to show you what 4-H is all about.

I am involved in a lot of other activities (school, 4-H, etc.). Should I still apply?
That depends on you! How you prioritize your time is a decision for you to make, but you should consider how involved you can be and if you can make the commitment. The group thrives on active participation from its members to create a sense of community within the group itself and to put our best foot forward as we step out into our local communities. If you believe you can prioritize active participation in the group along with your other responsibilities (school/friends/family/sports/theater/etc.) then YES!

What will I gain if I become a 4-H STEM Ambassador?
What you get will be directly driven by what you give in this program. For starters, you will gain new friends, supportive adults, exposure to new STEM topics, professional skills, and local STEM professionals, leadership development, and community service hours. Your resume will be boosted by soft skills like problem solving abilities, teamwork, motivation, and communication.  


State 4-H Teen Leadership Program Manager
Extension Field Specialist, 4-H Teen Leadership
Phone: 617-875-3125
Office: UNH Cooperative Extension, Taylor Hall, Durham, NH 03824