New Hampshire Beach Profile Monitoring

Extension Specialist explains how to take measurements for beach profiling

What is beach profile monitoring?

Beach profiling is an easy-to-use method for surveying the contour of a beach

Why is this information important?

Long-term beach profile data helps us understand how beaches change over time. The data are used by scientists and resource managers to make decisions about beach management.

Who are the beach profile monitors?

Beach profilers are part of the Coastal Research Volunteers, a group of individuals from the Seacoast and beyond who care about researching and conserving our coastal resources.

How can you help?

  • Contact Caitlin and become a beach profile volunteer
  • Allow beach access to profilers if you own property at the beach
  • Spread the word about thisbeach profile monitoring program

Did you know?

Beaches are constantly changing! In general, strong winter storms remove sand from beaches ("erosion") and gentler summer weather replenishes the sand ("accretion") each year. When beaches tend to lose more sand than they gain, they experience long-term erosion. Many factors - like large storms, changes in sea level, and coastal development - can contribute to changing rates of erosion and accretion.

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