New Hampshire Best Log Scaling Practices Guide

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On June 21, 1999 twenty-two New Hampshire log scalers attended a workshop in Hillsboro, NH to discuss log-scaling practices. This group began the process of developing a voluntary log-scaling standard for NH. The knowledge and experience of this group of individuals combined with generally accepted industry standards described by the USDA, Forest Service in the “Log Scaling Handbook” and the Northeast Loggers’ Association “Log Rules and Other Useful Information,” serve as the foundation for this guide.

Log scale is the basis for most business transactions between buyers and sellers of logs. A log scale, or rule, is an estimate of sawn lumber volume that can be obtained from a given log. Accurate, consistent and correct practices are essential for determining volume and fair market value. Log-scale can also be the source of confusion, frustration and suspicion. This guide will attempt to demystify the basics of log scaling by defining terms and working through the process of scaling a log.

New Hampshire does not currently license or certify log scalers, nor does the state have a law that specifically outlines log scaling procedures. However, the NH Division of Forests and Lands and NH Department of Agriculture, Weights and Measures Division have the authority to investigate inconsistent or deceptive log scaling practices.

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