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Honeybees and honey comb

New Hampshire 4-H Bee ProjectBee on flower

The New Hampshire 4-H Bee Project focuses on raising honey bees and harvesting bee products.  Bees are an essential component of agriculture and without them, many fruits and flowers would not be in existance today! The New Hampshire 4-H Bee Project focuses on the care and maintenance of honey bee hives as well as the production of honey bee related products such as honey products, beeswax products, arts and crafts, and cooking with honey.  You don’t have to have your own bees or hives to participate in the New Hampshire 4-H Bee Project. You can lease a hive and/or participate in a variety of the activities and events that the New Hampshire 4-H Bee Project has to offer. Click on the links below for more information.

New to the Bee Project? Check out the UNH CE I'd Like to Keep Bees: Can you Help Me? for basic information and check out any of these links below! Also, check out the 4-H Beekeeping Manual  for basic information about the 4-H Bee Project. To see if others in your county are participating in the Bee Project Area, contact your county 4-H office by clicking here.

Forms, resources and Fact sheets here for members, volunteers, leaders and parents


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