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4-H Animal Project Forms, Fact Sheets and Resources
Instructions for  4hOnline Animal Enrollment Instructions (for 4HOnline version 2.0)<br /> <br /> New effective 2019 there are changes in NH 4-H Int...
New Hampshire 4-H
4H Multi-County Horse Show Packet
Download this packet for more information on the Multi-County 4-H Horse Show and Field Day!
New Hampshire 4-H Guide
Belknap County Fair Open Entry Form
Open Entry Form for 2022 Belknap County Fair
New Hampshire 4-H Hippology and NH 4-H Horse Judging Contest Entry Information Packet
This packet summarizes the entry information for the Statewide 4-H Hippology and Horse Judging contest.
New Hampshire 4-H Fact Sheet
NH 4-H Bee Project Overview
New Hampshire 4-H Bee Project<br /> <br /> The New Hampshire 4-H Bee Project focuses on raising honey bees and harvesting bee products.  Bees are an...
New Hampshire 4-H
NH 4-H Virtual Community Center: Agricultural Science
4-H Fun and Learning at Home<br /> <br /> Keep your family happily busy with an array of fun and educational activities exploring the 4-H Agricultur...
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