NH Vegetable & Fruit Growers' Discussion Listserv

Listservs are a way to exchange information quickly with other growers. We have set up such a list to promote discussion about all issues and topics related to growing and marketing vegetable and fruit crops in New Hampshire. This is a good way to learn about other growers’ experiences with a certain piece of equipment, to discuss planting challenges, and countless other topics. Once you subscribe, you will be able to send email messages and receive messages sent to other members of the listserv.

To subscribe, visit the Listserv’s home page, and fill out the form. If you have any trouble subscribing or using the listserv, please email the list owner (becky.sideman@unh.edu).

UPDATED 2/28/32 - The listserv has transitioned to an M365 group. For members to email the group, please send to: nh.veg.berry@unh.edu. To be added to the group, please email the group owner (becky.sideman@unh.edu).