Plant a Row (or Container) with Strafford County 4-H

lettuce in a row

One of the challenges Granite Staters are facing is food insecurity. Whether you are looking to supplement your own household, or would like to donate produce, we can all plant an extra row or container!

Sign Up to Plant a Row! 

When you pledge to plant an extra row (or container) a garden kit will be mailed to you. We will keep in touch with our weekly Plant a Row newsletter. Here, you will find growing tips, activities, recipes and information on where to donate or access fresh produce.

Donations Accepted:

  • Fresh Produce. By planting an extra row and donating procude you can help increase access to fresh and nutritious foods.
  • Container Gardens. Plant an extra container! The entire container can then be donated. Container gardens with tomatoes, peppers, herbs, or greens make for a great source of continuos nutrition.
  • Make a Gift. If you are unable to plant a row, you can help the community through giving a gift towards Plant a Row. 100% of the gifts are used to purchase fresh produce from local farms for food pantries in Strafford County.


You’ll be able to share your growing experience when your family joins the NH 4-H Community Facebook group, and be sure to use #4HGrowsHere when you post your garden pictures.

Plant a Row Resources

Best Vegetables to Donate

Our friends at Iowa State University Extension have created a great resource for the best types of vegetables to grow and donate. They include tips on how to grow and how to prepare for donation: Top 13 Vegetables to Donate

UNH Extension Gardening Help

UNH Extension is here for any questions you may have while growing your garden. Find out how to reach us at Ask UNH Extension

How to Grow a Container Garden

Don't have space to plant an extra row? No problem! We are also accept donations of container gardens. Lettuces and greens are great, but don't hold up well for donating. When you donate a "cutting greens" container, you maintain the integrity of the greens and also create a repeat source of nutrition with little space required! Learn how to grow your container garden here!

While the community's extra rows are growing, you can use UNH Extension resources to learn more about food access in New Hampshire:

UNH Extension worked with the public assistance community to create the New Hampshire Food Access Map, an online platform that enables organizations to offer their services and share their needs with the public.  

New Hampshire Food Access Map 

Find out the latest as UNH Extension builds a statewide map for farm products.

New Hampshire Farm Products Map 

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